Sutter County Adult Education Graduate 2018-2019

Carlada is a single mother of four children. Carlada spent years overcoming some very difficult areas, but determined to finish her high school credits through Adult Ed at Behavioral Health. While she worked on her classwork, she also held a full-time retail position, volunteered at community food and clothing centers, as well as maintained a home and encouraged her children in their education. Carlada finished her high school credits in January and immediately began taking classes at Yuba College. She plans to receive her AA degree in social work and then transfer to Sac State to complete the BA in that coursework. She plans to continue serving the community professionally as a Social Worker and dreams of founding ha non-profit to help families of incarcerated individuals overcome their emotional and educational needs. Carlada is determined to live her life helping others and is so grateful for the opportunity that Adult Education has given her to accomplish her goals.
-Marcia Morgan - Adult Education Teacher
“I would like to thank Sutter County Adult Ed for helping me to get to where I am today. I started going to Adult Ed after being involved in a car accident. I was walking with a walker and recovering from multiple injuries, but Adult Ed helped me gain a lot of confidence which helped with my walking. The staff at Adult Ed are amazing, loving and caring. My Teacher, Carolyn Lathrop, and my (Transition) Counselor, Susan Odegard, helped me get my high school diploma and explore my career choices. I became an American Citizen during my senior year and I also made a transition from using a walker to only using a cane. I plan on continuing my education at Yuba College.”
  -Ritika Tahim