ESL classes are designed for students (18 years and older) whose native language is not English. Classes are designed for students who need to improve their language skills. All classes intergrate reading, writing, listening, speaking and computer skills as it relates to everyday life. Our program consists of assisting students to improve their English language skills by participating in group settings. Classes are offered in a variety of levels from beginning to advanced. All new students will be assessed with an initial reading test to determine the class level.

ESL Beginning Level

ESL Beginning Class is designed for students who are critically in need of strong literacy skills. The class focuses on learning and understanding the basic parts of the English language such as grammar rules and use of everyday vocabulary.

ESL Beginning / Intermediate Level

ESL Beginning / Intermediate class focuses on speaking and listening. Students also spend time on grammar, reading, and writing. Students in this ESL class have the opportunity to practice their skills with teachers, students, and classroom facilitators.

ESL Advanced Level

ESL Advanced classes are designed for students who have met a proficiency level and gained a better understanding of complex grammar. Students will be given various opportunities to practice their oral communication and writing skills to help develop analytical and critical thinking skills. Students will perfect their reading skills in which they will be able to recognize different topics, understand vocabulary in context, and make inferences.


All students interested in taking an ESL class will take the CASAS Reading assessment for placement before they are registered in a class.

To register for an ESL orientation click here or call our office at (530) 822-5810