Yes! You can still earn a high school diploma!

No, it does not matter how old you are; as long as you are 18 or older!


Bring in your official transcripts, motivation, and be ready to complete your diploma!


Sutter County Adult Education offers morning, afternoon, and evening classes. We offer a variety of different ways to earn credits: self-paced high school subject classes, independent study courses, and college or work experience credits.


Self-paced high school subjects classes are designed to be a quiet classroom where a student can work on a variety of subjects at his/her own pace. A teacher is available to answer questions and offer support to the student.


Independent Study Courses

The independent study program (ISP)  requires students to do course work at home and to meet with a teacher once a week to turn in homework and complete testing. CASAS scores will determine eligibility for this program.


Work Experience

Students can earn up to 20 credits for work experience which must be verified by the teacher and adult school coordinator.


How do I enroll?

1.            Click here to register online or come see us at our Sutter County Adult Education office located at                   1699 Sierra Avenue Yuba City, CA 95993

2.            Bring in an official high school transcript in a sealed envelope.

3.            Take a placement test..


What are the requirements for graduation?

Earn credits in required subjects -  to graduate with us you must have completed 200 credits in these areas:

English  30 Credits
Mathematics 10 Credits 
Algebra 10 Credits 
Life Science 5 Credits 
Physical Science 5 Credits
General Science  10 Credits
Geography/World History 10 Credits
US History 10 Credits
American Government 5 Credits
Economics 5 Credits
Foreign Language/Fine Arts 10 Credits
Computer Applications 5 Credits
  Careers 5 Credits
Electives 80 Credits
  TOTAL: 200 Credits

Click here to register online or stop by our Sutter County Adult Education office located at 1699 Sierra Ave., Yuba City, 95993