Our Mission

To provide relevant, student-centered education, training, and resources that prepare students to successfully transition and pursue their passions.

What Is Adult Education?

The purpose of the Adult Education classes is to assist students desiring to complete their adult high school diploma, work towards taking the high school equivalency exam, improve their language skills; increase reading or math skills; and fine-tune their employment skills and career opportunities. Adult Education classes are open entry/open exit courses. Students work independently, allowing them to progress at their own rate.  Assistance from the classroom teacher is available as needed.  

Why Should You Enroll with Us?

Sutter County Adult Education is a free program. Our students enroll for many different reasons. Students can complete their high school diploma, prepare for the HiSET examination, improve math, reading, writing, and English language skills, or to improve computer skills to be more competive in the job market. 
Service for Success
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