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Behavioral Health Adult Education

overlooking four students studying at a table. Students are studying off worksheets, a laptop, and tablets.


Adult Education at Behavioral Health is available for Clients of Behavioral Health and TAY (Transitional Age Youth) students. The goal for Adult Education classes at Behavioral Health is to help students attain their high school diploma. The Behavioral Health classes offer personal tutoring, curriculum modifications and a more personal approach to education. We are proud of the high percentage of graduates from this program who have gone on to college, career training or have attained better paying jobs.

Transitional Age Youth (TAY) program

The program serves youth who may be:
  • Homeless or at risk of homelessness
  • Aging out of the foster care system or the juvenile probation system
  • Gang-involved or at risk of gang involved
  • High risk self-harming behaviors or youth whose cultural identity places them in under served populations within our community
Behavioral Health instructor, Marcia Morgan, has seen many successes come from this program, "I have had 2 students continue to nursing school, several students that continued their education at Yuba College, and I have several students who gained employment in positions that pay above minimum wage. The population I work with have extreme disadvantages to overcome.  Most do not have vehicles, family, or support. I am very proud of the progress my students make each year. I am looking forward to most of my class graduating this year."

If you are interested in Behavioral Health Adult Education, speak to your counselor.