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With the recent necessity to move students to distance learning, Sutter County Adult Education has implemented Edgenuity, an online learning management system, as the primary source for quality academic education. Most Edgenuity courses are A-G approved. Every course required to earn a diploma is available online, and students can work at their own pace, but they still must meet minimum weekly productivity requirements. Each lesson outlines what the learning objectives are; there is a warm up, a video lecture that may include interactive exercises, some assignments, and then a quiz. Typically, students can complete most lessons in an hour. Students have the freedom to log in and do course work 3 in the afternoon, or at 3 in the morning! Students also have the ability to see their grades instantly, so they can take control of their own learning. And if they get stuck, their teacher is readily available to provide extra support. Enroll today and learn more about Edgenuity by clicking here!