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Student Policies


  1. Adhering to the attendance policy is mandatory. Students are required to maintain a minimum of 85% attendance and may be dropped after two consecutive absences if there is no communication with the teacher. It is required that students call if they are going to be late or absent. Your teacher will give you specific contact information when you start class.
  2. Measurable productivity is required in order to be successful and remain in our program. Students will be required to earn a minimum number of credits per week.


  1. Students are expected to arrive to class on time and remain in the classroom for the entire class period.
  2. Clothing, jewelry and personal items (backpack, fanny packs, gym bags, water bottles, etc.) shall be free of any images or writing which may be interpreted as crude, sexually suggestive, advertise or promote a drug, alcohol or tobacco product or which may advocate a racial or religious prejudice or implies gang affiliation. Clothing must be modest when sitting or standing and adequately cover undergarments at all times.   
  3. Students are expected to maintain a level of respect for everyone while in the classroom and therefore inappropriate language/behavior is not tolerated. 
  4. Cell phones may be used to listen to music, but should not be used for any other purpose in class. iPods, iPads, Laptops and other electronic devices from home are not allowed to be used in the classroom. The teacher will provide classroom computers and laptops to be made available for use by students during class time when appropriate.
  5. Beverages, such as water and juice, are allowed as long as they come in containers with lids and are stored away from the computers. No food or gum is allowed in the classroom.
  6. Smoking or possession of tobacco products, drugs, alcohol and weapons are prohibited at any time in Sutter County Superintendent of Schools-owned or leased buildings, on Sutter County Superintendent of Schools property, and in Sutter County Superintendent of Schools vehicles. Possession and or use of these items/products may result in disciplinary action and may include suspension or expulsion from the program. 
  7. Harassment, in any instance, will not be tolerated. If any student believes that he/she is being harassed, that student should notify the classroom teacher in writing before the end of that class period so that it may be addressed.
  8. Students are required to bring their own class supplies with them. This includes a notebook, pens and pencils. 
  9. Instructions for assignments are given to students at the time when they are provided their book assignment. A student who displays unethical behavior and/or is involved in any other activity for the purpose of cheating, altering, removing or copying any materials shall receive a letter grade of “F” for that assignment or exam and may also be suspended or dropped from the Sutter Co. Adult Education Program.
  10. Visitors, including all children, family and friends, are not allowed in the classroom during class sessions.
  11. Students are responsible to maintain a clean and safe work space.
  12. We want to celebrate our students’ success by taking photographs and sharing them through social media and marketing materials. Therefore, you will need to indicate if you do not want to be photographed when relevant.